Bishops Call to Prayer


In the 2018 Episcopal Address, the CME Church was invited to observe August as a Month of Prayer. This call to prayer could not have come at a more poignant time. Pray for the Health of our members. Pray for Mrs. Deloris Belcher, wife of Presiding Elder Fred Belcher, Ms. Ada Suarez, Missions Director, and the following pastors, Rev. Dr. Weldon Thomas and Rev. Jeffrey Wheeler.

Pray for God's continual guidance and power in the life of Mrs. Jahana Hayes and Ms. Faye Crowder-Phillips. Pray congregations, particularly those with new pastors and those who face great opportunities and/or extreme challenges.

My list is not an exhaustive list, so please add to it and together, let's move as one body with the purpose of unified prayer every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Pray when you awaken and pray at 6:00 PM. Pray that we as a people exalt God in word and witness. Send this message to all members of your church immediately.

There is something all of us can do regarding any situation that comes to our attention. "WE CAN PRAY!" James 5:16 tells us that the "effectual fervent prayers of "a" righteous person availeth much!" Yes, that means "a" praying person can change circumstances and situations. Imagine this, if "a" person can do "much," just imagine what an entire Annual Conference can do!

Thank you!

Wishing you God’s best in all things,

Bishop James B. Walker Presiding Bishop

The Seventh Episcopal District