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Meet Our Bishop

Bishop Thomas L. Hoyt, Jr. was elected to the Episcopacy of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in 1994.  The New Testament scholar is presently serving as the Presiding Prelate of the Seventh Episcopal District.  He was installed the Senior Bishop of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in July 2010.
Bishop Hoyt hails from the state of Alabama, and is married to Mrs. Ocie Harriet Hoyt.  They are the proud parents of two children, Thomas Edward III and Daria Michelle, and a loving granddaughter, Ayanna Lanier Harvey.
Bishop Hoyt is a compassionate leader who has given his unique talents globally.  He is serving as Chair of the Lay Department of the CME Church and also on many ecumenical boards and organizations.  He is the former President of the National Council of Churches USA and the author of three books and over 40 articles. 
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Bishop Hoyt chaired the project that led to the publication:

Stony the Way We Trod: An African American Biblical Interpretation (Fortress Press, 1991)